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Plastics Technology Application in Consumer Electronic Products

Electronics and electrical appliances have become an indispensable part of our homes. Almost all are made of plastics. Plastics provide premium thermal properties which are used to insulate nearly all house wiring. In addition, plastics are used in electrical switches, connectors and receptacles throughout our homes. Lightweight, durable, attractive and cost-effective, plastics are used in nearly all of our gadgets, and others like coffee makers, irons, mixers, can openers, hair dryers and shavers.

Consumer electronics report estimates that the global electronics market will experience growth of 5% in sales volume in 2011,so this will result in increased demand for the plastics required in these products and components.

Ringer “6th Plastics Technology Application in Consumer Electronic Products Conference” will focus on the mutual links between the electronics industry and plastics industry. Industrial decision makers and technicians will attend this conference and give their insights into this redundant fast developing market for plastics materials.

The conference is scheduled to take place from 23-24 August 2011 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel & Suites Landmark in Shenzhen. For more information on other Ringier Conferences, please visit: