International Plastics News for Asia

Taiwan plastics industry is now a major force

This month, another major industrial event is taking place in Taiwan -- the TaipeiPlas 2012. The show will feature over 400 exhibits of which majority will be Taiwan-based machinery manufacturers engaged in the plastics and rubber industry.

Taiwan has been ranked as the world’s 5th biggest producer and 4th biggest exporter of plastics and rubber processing machinery. This enviable position in the global market has been achieved through painstaking efforts undertaken by local manufacturers to improve their production efficiency and come up with industrial machinery that will capture the attention of their customers. At the biennial TaipeiPlas, 2500 booths will present the best that companies have to offer to the world.

In so many international exhibitions I had the chance to attend, I saw how buyers

flock to the booths of Taiwanese manufacturers of machinery. That is a recognition of how these manufacturers have been able to transform themselves into world-class providers of solution that they are now able to compete with those from Europe, North America and Japan in terms of quality and efficiency.

In particular, Taiwan’s plastic injection moulding machine sector has been turning out energy-saving, short-cycle moulding, high-speed precision moulding, automated, customised systems to meet varying processing requirements. They initiated industrial upgrade and move towards producing plastic injection moulding machines that are faster, more precise and efficient, safer and with advanced network applicability to meet future production needs.

Major companies in this sector have all launched innovative products, including fast-cycle PET preform production systems, mould labelling production systems, high-speed system injection moulding machines, two-platen injection moulding machines, vertical electric injection moulding machines, and high-speed servo-hydraulic injection moulding machines, amongst others. Plastic injection products can be applied in a comprehensive range of areas including consumer electronics, medical devices and packaging, automotive, information technology, optical components, and other industries.

As a tribute, the August issue of the International Plastics News for Asia and the September issue of the International Plastics News - Middle East and Africa will carry a Special Supplement on TaipeiPlas with a showcase of exhibitors and their products. A special section on the show is also online at the Plastics and Rubber vertical. Please check also for more information on Taiwan-based manufacturers and their many products.