International Plastics News for Asia

The major global challenges

In the latest issue of the International Plastics News - Middle East & Africa, Laurence Jones, vice president of Marketing Centre for Film & Fibre at Borouge’s Marketing & Sales Company, talks about the six global challenges and the company's efforts to address these challenges.

It’s not very common knowledge, even within the global plastics industry, that Borouge has long been an advocate of sustainability. Well before “sustainability” became a buzzword, the polymer producer decided that its activities should only bring positive benefits to society. But Laurence Jones has misgivings about buzzwords, and worries that when something becomes a buzzword it doesn’t necessarily draw the right response it should – especially when “sustainable” and “plastics” are in the same phrase.

“What Borouge decided years ago is that this has to be a sustainable business, and it's not about making money, it’s about doing something good for society.” said Mr. Jones. “You're talking to people who have an emotional response to what's going on with plastics. Then, we come along with science and buzzwords, and they say, ‘Oh yeah, you're a scientist,’ and then stop listening. I put my white lab coat and my safety glasses on, immediately they get bored and fall asleep,” he explains further.

There would be far more impact if one is to talk passionately and manifest enthusiasm about one’s beliefs and principles. “This is why when we think about sustainability, it’s all about getting people's emotions more driven towards doing the right thing,” he says.

It was with this sense of enthusiasm that Mr. Jones told us about the six global challenges that Borouge has identified and will continue to address through new products and technologies: Environment, Water, Energy, Healthcare, Food, and Waste.

Read about Mr. Jones' insights and how Borouge develops appropriate solutions to respond to these challenges.