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ASEAN's automotive industry in action

ASEAN countries have continued to achieve a strong position in global automotive production by supplying booming domestic markets in the Asian region, as well as globally. In particular, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia have seen dramatic growth in their automobile manufacturing and production. And even if each market has characteristically different economic niches and consumer bases, one thing for sure is that growth is skyrocketing as people's incomes rise along with their desire to purchase an automobile.

With exciting advancements in automotive engineering dramatically driving change in the manufacturing process and final product, most Asians buying a car today will never know its predecessor – the hulky-bulky steel and fuel inefficient machines of decades past. 

Newly engineered plastics and metal alloy applications and advanced manufacturing processes are changing everything and redefining today's automobile. The use of magnesium alloys in global automotive production is increasing. About 75% lighter than steel, 50% lighter than titanium, and 33% lighter than aluminum, magnesium alloy applications in the global automotive industry is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 10.1% from 2015 to 2020. Automotive interiors, powertrain, chassis, and exteriors are the major application areas of magnesium alloys in a vehicle.

Similarly, the automotive plastics market in ASEAN has experienced strong performance in the past few years, and this will continue due to trends of light-weighting in vehicles and the replacement of steel with plastics. The substitution of plastics in automobiles not only enhances design flexibility, but also promotes fuel efficiency in line with environmental trends in reducing the carbon footprint of vehicles.

Thus, the 3rd Asian Automotive Manufacturing Summit 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia (Aug 15-16, 2016) becomes a relevant and highly informative event that will present the latest trends and developments in the region's fast-growing automotive industry. Hosted during the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show – GIIAS (Aug 11-21), the summit is a two-day event where informative presentations and discussions on advanced automotive manufacturing in ASEAN will show how the region's automotive industry has been contributing to the global arena. The agenda content focuses on lightweight and smart manufacturing including the latest information on advanced materials (plastics and metals) in automotive engineering, and the latest in Design, Quality Control, Inspection and Advanced Manufacturing Systems.

This ASEAN-focused automotive manufacturing conference will feature separate tracks for plastics and metalworking applications and advanced manufacturing systems and processes.  It will provide leaders and visionaries with opportunity to get on center stage with the Who's Who of the automotive manufacturing industry and political circles to deliver high-powered keynote addresses and engage in lively talks and panel discussions. Click this link for more information about this Summit.